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NY State Assembly Passes Single Payer Bill!

Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President of the New York State Nurses Association, applauded the bill’s passage. “Our healthcare system is fundamentally damaged. Too many parties are in it to make a buck off the misfortune of the sick and injured. Only under a system of universal access based on the highest quality of care for everyone will there be enough resources directed to the proper care of patients.”

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Senator announces plan to reintroduce ‘single-payer’ health care bill

“It will serve the public good if we can sever the ability to access health insurance,whether or not someone can access health insurance regardless, whether or not someone happens to be employed, let alone employed by a company that offers that particular benefit.”

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The Pennsylvania Health Care Plan Impact and Implementation

by Gerald Friedman, Ph.D, Healthcare4allPA.org Pennsylvania is on an unsustainable…

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As Unions Cheer Health Care Decision, Some Push for More

By Peter Knowlton, LaborNotes.org

It’s Supremely official: Congress can force us to pay private corporations to deliver a fundamental human right, health care.

With the Affordable Care Act intact, we will get to see how the law actually pans out—because no one really knows what to expect when the law begins in earnest in 2014.

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Healthcare Reform: We’re Not Done Yet

by Walter Tsou, CommonDreams.org

The Supreme Court has spoken. The Affordable Care Act, briefly on the ropes, has been blessed as the law of the land.

Too many feel that health reform is finally finished and we can move on to the big three issues: the economy, jobs and the deficit.

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Michael Moore to Headline “SiCKO” 5th Anniversary Event in Philadelphia on June 30

Five years after his award-winning film on the U.S. healthcare system premiered around the world, Michael Moore returns to Philadelphia with eight of the subjects of the film in tow.

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