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Corbett Pushes Bill to Eliminate Right to Organize in Public Sector

This law would give management a huge opportunity to constantly agitate against the Union, and divide workers, which is precisely why this bill was introduced.

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Union rallies in Pottsville to protest right-to-work

Taking a stand against the concept of a right-to-work law in the state, more than 400 labor union representatives marched in Pottsville on Saturday and gave speeches outside the Schuylkill County Courthouse.

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Anti-Worker Legislation In Pennsylvania

“Right-to-Work” (or “Right-to-Work-for-less”) statutes make it illegal for unions to negotiate clauses in their contracts which require non-members to pay a “fair share” fee for the services they receive from the union.

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RNs Condemn Proposed Michigan Anti-Worker Legislation

NNU, NationalNursesUnited.org

The nation’s largest organization of registered nurses, National Nurses United, today condemned the decision by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and far right state legislators to push a so-called “right-to-work” bill in the lame duck session of the state legislature.

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