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Victoria, Australia to guarantee minimum nurse-to-patient staffing ratios

“Nurse patient ratios are really important for patient safety,” Ms Hennessy said. “Nurse patient ratios are important because the greater the care and focus nurses are able to give to our patients, we know the better clinical outcomes that they have.”

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NY State Assembly Passes Single Payer Bill!

Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President of the New York State Nurses Association, applauded the bill’s passage. “Our healthcare system is fundamentally damaged. Too many parties are in it to make a buck off the misfortune of the sick and injured. Only under a system of universal access based on the highest quality of care for everyone will there be enough resources directed to the proper care of patients.”

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Medical workers say violence is too often part of the job

Last week’s shooting at an outpatient office on the campus of Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital was a reminder that the healing professions can be surprisingly dangerous.

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Senator announces plan to reintroduce ‘single-payer’ health care bill

“It will serve the public good if we can sever the ability to access health insurance,whether or not someone can access health insurance regardless, whether or not someone happens to be employed, let alone employed by a company that offers that particular benefit.”

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Nursing by the numbers considered

By Andrew Seder, PSDispatch.com

How many nurses should a hospital maternity ward have? How about the intensive care or neonatal units? Should they be the same numbers at rural and inner city hospitals?

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Nurse-to-patient ratio bills introduced in Pa. House and Senate

Legislation would improve patient safety, save money

HARRISBURG, March 7 – State Rep. Phyllis Mundy and state Sen. Daylin Leach today introduced bills in their respective chambers that would set a minimum number of registered nurses to patients at Pennsylvania hospitals.

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Legislative Update: Workplace Violence and Ratio Plans for 2013

Where we are with the Pennsylvania Workplace Violence Prevention Bill and the Nurse-to-Patient Ratio Bill, and what we’ll be doing in 2013 to protect ourselves and our patients.

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Questions about the Health Care Facilities Workplace Violence Prevention Act

  Who is Covered? Since the bill addresses security risks throughout the…

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D.C. Council chairman to propose bill boosting nursing staffs at hospitals

By Lena H. Sun and Mike DeBonis, WashingtonPost.com

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PASNAP Introduces Nurse-to-Patient Ratio Bill in Harrisburg

HB 1874 Would Save Lives, Address the Nursing Shortage, and Create Jobs

On September 26th, State Representatives Phyllis Mundy (D-120) and Deberah Kula (D-52) joined together to introduce a nurse-to-patient ratios bill in the Pennsylvania State House. This bill, modeled on California’s extremely successful 1999 law, would amend the Health Care Facilities Act to establish life-saving minimum nurse-to-patient ratios throughout the hospital.

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