Political Advocacy

PASNAP advocates for safe staffing and safe patient lifting legislation, reduction of violence in health care facilities, and other legislation that would protect the rights of workers and promote patient safety.

We are also participants in National Nurses United’s “Main Street Contract of America,” which advocates for jobs at living wages for everyone, guaranteed healthcare for all, a secure retirement with the ability to retire in dignity, equal access to quality public education, good housing with protection from hunger, a safe and healthy environment, and a just taxation system where corporations pay their fair share.

We endorse candidates on the state and federal levels based on their commitment to these very important issues.

Massachusetts Nurses union steps up advocacy for two ballot questions

The Massachusetts Nurses Association is ramping up its efforts to build support for two ballot questions that would change the way hospitals operate.

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Health: An Unsettling Investigation Involving Hospitals

CBS 3 uncovers something disturbing happening inside local hospitals. Health care workers being attacked. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has the investigation.

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Corbett Pushes Bill to Eliminate Right to Organize in Public Sector

This law would give management a huge opportunity to constantly agitate against the Union, and divide workers, which is precisely why this bill was introduced.

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