What ACA Repeal Would Mean for PASNAP Members and Our Patients

Repeal of the ACA would be a devastating blow to some of our most vulnerable patients. But we make a tragic mistake if we think that any of us — even those with health insurance through our employers — will be unaffected. In truth, we could all face higher premiums and deductibles, caps on coverage, and more.

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Welcome to PASNAP’s Newest Members!

By Patricia Eakin, PASNAP President, RN, BSN, CEN

The addition of nurses from three hospitals in just a few weeks represents a very large growth spurt. So what’s going on? Why are we growing when overall union membership in the country is declining and unions are so often unfairly disparaged in the press?

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Holding Your Employer Accountable: Get Creative

By Elaine Weale, RN BSN, Vice President – WVNA/PASNAP

With a recent change in our Cardiac Cath Lab management at Wilkes-Barre General, our nurses found themselves facing several problems. Although the new manager was said to have cath lab experience, that soon came into question.

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Why the Social Security Battle Matters

By Bill Cruice, Esq., PASNAP Executive Director

Recently, the Business Roundtable, a group of CEOs from Fortune 500 companies, said that their plan to “fix” Medicare and Social Security was to raise the retirement age to 70

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Legislative Update: Workplace Violence and Ratio Plans for 2013

Where we are with the Pennsylvania Workplace Violence Prevention Bill and the Nurse-to-Patient Ratio Bill, and what we’ll be doing in 2013 to protect ourselves and our patients.

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Anti-Worker Legislation In Pennsylvania

“Right-to-Work” (or “Right-to-Work-for-less”) statutes make it illegal for unions to negotiate clauses in their contracts which require non-members to pay a “fair share” fee for the services they receive from the union.

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New Study Shows Black Patients Have Increased Chance of Dying When Nurses Have Heavy Workloads

By Patricia Eakin, RN, BSN, CEN, PASNAP President

Subsequent studies correlated poor staffing with increased incidence of pulmonary embolus, infection, pressure ulcers and other adverse outcomes.

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Despite Recession, Union Standards Remain Strong as Non-Union Conditions Erode Drastically

During the months of August and September, PASNAP undertook a survey of many…

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