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City-Wide Effort Wins Strong Contracts at Four Hospitals

Hahnemann and St. Chris nurses ratified their agreements by over 90% and Einstein nurses ratified their agreement with 98%.

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Einstein Nurses Unionize in Effort to Better Serve Patients

“We all know that Einstein has a long history of service in this community. We want to provide the best quality of care to every individual that comes through our doors,” said Cynthia Gola, a nurse and union activist who works in the Coronary Care Unit. “We’re trying to create positive change.”

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Einstein Nurses Tell CEO, “We Want a Voice!”

Einstein Nurses have seen patient care deteriorate over the last few years. Now, nurses are coming together and demanding a voice on the job. By forming a union, nurses will have the power to bargain over staffing, work conditions, and hospital policies.

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St. Chris Nurses’ Message to Einstein

After winning their union with an overwhelming 86% majority vote, nurses at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children wanted to send a message to their colleagues, especially at Einstein: “We did it and so can you!”

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