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DCMH Techs and Professionals Join Nurses in Voting to Unionize

Like the nurses at DCMH, technicians and professionals were concerned about staffing, working conditions, and patient safety. “We knew we needed protections. And we knew we needed a stronger voice,” said Aileen Kelly, a technologist in the radiology department.

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Pennsylvania Nurses Catch Organizing Fever

Wages, health and pension benefits, staffing, and supplies are treated with unrelenting austerity, while hospital executives are showered with millions and even more is spent on mergers, acquisitions, and related marketing.

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Facing Opposition from Management, DCMH Nurses Vote to Unionize

In a secret ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board on January 15 and 16, more than 330 Registered Nurses at Delaware County Memorial Hospital voted to join PASNAP. “Managers weren’t listening to us regarding our concerns about staffing and other working conditions,” said one RN who has worked at DCMH for 34 years.

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