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Pat Ray
Mary Ellen Guthrie
Sherri Hagofsky
Kaitlyn Martin
Terri Smith
Kristy Linek
Pam Cujas
Linda Householder
Vice President

Grievance Chair


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Techs and LPNs Win Strong First Contract as Nurses Sign Extension at ACMH

“We formed our union to have a voice at work, to win respect and recognition and to make improvements for our patients,” said Sherri Hagofsky, an Ultrasound Technologist and Secretary for the Tech and LPN union. “With this contract, we have achieved these goals and more.”

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National Labor Relations Board Bringing Charges Against ACMH Hospital

“We believe the two sets of charges the union brought against the hospital have merit, so the case is going to move to trial,” said Suzanne Bernett, a regional attorney with the NLRB. During the hearing, the NLRB is going to ask the judge to give the 125 union members a 2 percent raise and back pay dating to last December, when their annual wage increase was taken away.

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