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What Does It Mean to Form a Union with PASNAP?

PASNAP is the fastest growing union for nurses and health professionals in Pennsylvania. As members of a professional union, we have the right to sit at the table where decisions about our work are made. Now, we have the power to define our work lives and improve patient care, both in the worksite and in the political arena. Forming a union with PASNAP means that you and your coworkers join together to represent yourselves as a group to make improvements in staffing, wages, benefits, and all working conditions.


Why RNs & Health Professionals Vote for PASNAP

  • Better Salaries and Benefits
  • Patient Safety
  • RN Safe Staffing Ratios
  • A Secure Retirement
  • Voice and Respect
  • A Legally-Binding Contract


Organizing with PASNAP – How It Works

  • Step 1:  Building an Organizing Committee:  The first step for winning a voice on the job is to educate yourself and your co workers about PASNAP and develop a committee of RNs in every department and shift who are interested in organizing.  Working with PASNAP staff, informational meetings will be scheduled for nurses to attend and have their questions answered.
  • Step 2:  Sign a Card:  Once RNs from all units have met and expressed support for organizing the union, PASNAP authorization cards or a petition will be circulated for RNs to sign.
  • Step 3:  Election:  When a strong majority of nurses have signed authorization cards or a petition PASNAP will petition the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to conduct a secret ballot election.  Union elections are conducted at the facility and take place during working hours.  Like the authorization cards, your employer does not see your ballot and they will not be present during the election process.
  • Step 4:  Negotiating Your First Contract:  After you win an election, you have a voice on the job!  Your employer can not change existing practices without negotiating with you and your co workers first.  Nurses in every department will complete bargaining surveys and elect a negotiating committee who will work with PASNAP staff to negotiate your first contract.  After a contract is voted on and ratified by all PASNAP RNs at the hospital, PASNAP staff will continue to work with nurses and elected nurse representatives to build the union at your hospital and continue to deal with issues as they arise.  Membership dues are 1% of gross wages with a cap of $66/month for RNs or $50/month for technical employees.  Members of PASNAP do not pay dues until a first contract is negotiated and ratified by the affected members. For more information, call Mark Warshaw at 215-360-1251.

Your Right to Organize