PASNAP believes that all people deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare. We strongly support  single-payer healthcare and will dedicate the necessary resources to continue to educate and mobilize our members to win desperately needed health reform in our commonwealth and in our nation.

When the healthcare worker becomes the patient

The state of healthcare is a topic of heated discussion among not only lawmakers and presidential candidates, but ordinary Americans. Is ObamaCare working? Should it be repealed? Why are healthcare costs so expensive?

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NY State Assembly Passes Single Payer Bill!

Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President of the New York State Nurses Association, applauded the bill’s passage. “Our healthcare system is fundamentally damaged. Too many parties are in it to make a buck off the misfortune of the sick and injured. Only under a system of universal access based on the highest quality of care for everyone will there be enough resources directed to the proper care of patients.”

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PASNAP Statement on Ebola Preparedness

Ebola Precautions Needed to Protect Pennsylvania’s Nurses and Health Providers Philadelphia, PA — The integrity of our health care system depends…

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