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NPR: Hospitals Don’t Protect Nurses From Injuries

There are more than 35,000 back and other injuries among nursing employees every year, severe enough that they have to miss work.

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Response to Ebola and Next Steps for PASNAP Leaders

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Nurses union say flu shot not magic bullet

While the government pushes Albertans to get vaccinated, the United Nurses of Alberta cautions that it is not a medical magic bullet.

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Statement from PASNAP on Certified School Nurses in Philadelphia Schools

Certified School Nurses, in addition to being licensed registered nurses, undertake additional highly specialized training in order to manage and treat a vast range of illnesses among school children.

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Statewide Nurse Survey Reveals Developing Crisis at the Bedside

“These results clearly show that inadequate staffing and patient safety continue to dominate the concerns of Pennsylvania nurses, while the bottom line dominates many hospital executives’ actions,” said Patricia Eakin, RN, President of PASNAP.

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Holding Your Employer Accountable: Get Creative

By Elaine Weale, RN BSN, Vice President – WVNA/PASNAP

With a recent change in our Cardiac Cath Lab management at Wilkes-Barre General, our nurses found themselves facing several problems. Although the new manager was said to have cath lab experience, that soon came into question.

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Nurses Top Poll for Honesty, Ethical Standards for 11th Straight Year

Gallup Politics,

It’s become an annual tradition. Nurses are the most trusted profession in the U.S., topping the annual survey by Gallup for the 11th straight year for honesty and ethical standards of 22 occupational groups tested.

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Nurse shortages especially affect black patients News

Older black patients are three times more likely than older white patients to suffer poorer outcomes after surgery, including death, when cared for by nurses with higher workloads, according to a study.

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Nurses tell of workplace violence at state hearing

By Gary Weckselblatt,

Several nurses testified about horror stories at work during a state House hearing in Harrisburg on Tuesday that sought answers on how to prevent the violence in health care settings.

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