Butler Nurses Win Additional Support Staff & Wage Increases in New Contract

Butler, PA | April 2, 2016 — Nurses at Butler Memorial Hospital ratified a new three-year contract on Wednesday, March 30. Members of PASNAP, the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses & Allied Professionals, voted overwhelmingly to ratify the new agreement, which goes into effect this month.

Nurses will receive a 3% raise in each year of the contract. Nurses will also be eligible for additional experience-based raises: Through annual and earned raises, many PASNAP nurses could see earnings climb 15% or more over the next two years.

“Butler nurses are proud to work in one of the region’s best healthcare organizations,” said Tammy May, RN, who serves as president of the local union. “This contract will allow nurses to advance their careers within the organization, and will provide extra support staff during high volume times. Our union has built a productive relationship with management. We look forward to continuing to work together to address issues and ensure quality patient care.”

Negotiations began in January. The nurses’ chief concern — as at many hospitals — was staffing. The new contract will create “Resource Nurse” positions to assist with time-consuming tasks, which will allow nurses giving direct care to spend more time with patients.

“We’re very proud of this contract at Butler Memorial Hospital, which maintains the best overall standards for nurses in Western Pennsylvania,” said Bill Cruice, PASNAP Executive Director.

Butler nurses joined PASNAP in 2001. The union takes a unique approach in bargaining, electing large committees that represent nurses from all departments. “We want everyone to be informed and involved,” said May. “We believe in bargaining openly and allowing everyone to come in and contribute.”

PASNAP, which also represents nurses and other health professionals at nearby Armstrong County Memorial Hospital, has seen explosive growth in recent months. The union has added more than 2,000 new members in the last six months, primarily in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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